Scarlett Fly, Guest Contributor

I’m Scarlett Fly is a Cosplayer, artist, and flight attendant, who lives in Connecticut.  She first began her cosplay journey at the San Diego Comi-Con in 2010. Born on Halloween, cosplay had been in her soul all along. During the past five years she has traveled to many events throughout the country wearing a wide variety of handmade costumes.

Her first character was Poison Ivy, which eventually morphed into Stormtrooper-Poison Ivy. Other costumes include her version of an Austin Powers Wonder Woman, a Cat Woman, and her all time favorite the female stormtrooper. She enjoys attending conventions with her best friend Jessica Toki (best known as Jessica Rabbit) and boyfriend Robert Morgan (best known as The Thing). Their most original collaboration costume was Things 1,2, and 3. Scarlett is currently working on three new costumes, which she is very excited to reveal in the near future. She love meeting new people and hope to see all of you at an upcoming con.

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