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New Release – Hogan’s Goat

An interview with John Salmon of Nashville based rock band Hogan’s Goat has released the Official Music Video for their single “Shit Kicker”. Originally premiered on The Gauntlet, “Shit Kicker” is off of Hogan’s Goat’s self-titled, debut album.


Q) Let’s start with the elephant in the room… What’s behind the band name Hogan’s Goat?  A) Hogan’s Goat is old folklore. The story goes that a farmer (Hogan) had a Goat you could smell from a mile away. It was a foul creature. If you’re hammered, you’re fucked up like Hogan’s Goat. If you twist your ankle your leg is Hogan’s Goat.

Q) The band’s sound and groove are that of metal’s past, which is awesome – was that intentional?  A) We all bring a little something different to the table. All well versed in music history, not just metal. A lot of our inspiration comes from the 80’s and 90’s.

Q) For those that are new to your style of music, how would you describe it?  A) We’d call it Heavy Rock N’ Roll

Q) What’s the name of the album?  A) The album is self-titled “Hogan’s Goat”

Q) Are you on tour, and where will you be playing?

A) We are! In New Haven, CT tonight (6.17.18) at Stella Blues.

6.20 – Asbury Park, NJ – The Saint

6.22 – Manchester, NH – The Jewel

6.23 – Brooklyn, NY – Lucky 13 Saloon

6.24 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fire

Q) In one of your videos, there is a Native American dancer, how did that come about. I mean, by what I was told, having a dancer isn’t an easy thing to have.  A) Our director posted in a group on Facebook out in Montana. Subsequently, the local newspaper reposted it and we were flooded with emails. The guy we ended up working with is actually a national champion. The style is called Fancy Feather Dancing.

Q) Are you guys heavily involved with the making of your music videos? A) Yes! Both of our videos are self-produced and co-edited with our director, Kaby.

Q) What can we expect next from the band.  A) A lot of touring, and we’re working on a new album as we speak.

Check out the official video for Hogan’s Goat – Shit Kicker

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