Tri-State Review

Interview with Lee-La of The Damn Truth

Tri-State Review had an in-depth conversation with Lee-La, the lead singer for the group “The Damn Truth”.


For those that are new to your music, describe your the sound.

We play Rock n roll Music, pulsing, moving, and powerful.


Is this your first Album?

Devilish Folk is our second album (released on 2017). We released our first “Dear in the Headlights” in 2013.


What’s the latest single?

Our latest single is called White Lies


Is there a music video?



How much input do you have in the direction of your music videos?

We have always been very hands-on with our music videos. Producing and directing ourselves as well as enlisting our friends to be a part of it. We usually just throw a big house party and go wild. For White Lies though, we teamed up with 2 local Montreal filmmakers Fatty Soprano and Shawn Shutter and had a blast! We were able to let go of the whole organization and production aspect and that in itself was quite liberating.


What’s with the name of the band? Must be some crazy story that ties along with it.

Well, we’ve always been sort of outsiders… the band formed at a time where no one in our town was playing rock n roll music anymore and we just never really found our place with the « cool kids » in Montreal so to speak…. but we’ve always just wanted to do our own thing, be true to ourselves and play music that we like to listen to … so I think the name just rang true.


I know you guys aren’t Rage Against the Machine (all political) but, with all that is going on in today’s world – do you feel inspired to write a Marvin Gaye, “What’s going on” type anthem?

I think that every song we write is inspired by this CRAZY world… our album opens with Pirates and Politicians- it’s definitely a social commentary of the state we’re in – and the fear of what we’re leaving behind. While we were writing the album I got pregnant and I think that the definitely had a lot to do with the introspective tone.The album ends with Devilish Folk – a song that explores humanities needs for connection, purpose, our search for God and enlightenment and so on. I don’t think that I am physically capable of writing from a non-personal aspect…lol


Didn’t you sing on a tv commercial?

Our cover of U2’s LOVE IS BLINDNESS was picked up by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, for their new perfume “Mon Paris”.The response to the song has been overwhelming and amazing and we’ve gained fans across the globe from the commercials’ international exposure.


The rest of the band are – Tom Shemer (guitars), PY Letellier (bass) and Dave Traina (drums) – how long have you all been together?

Tom and I met naked in a Hippie Festival years ago… Music came first then love… we started off as an acoustic duo but then felt the need to make more noise so we found Dave and our former bass player about a year before our first album came out. Then just after we finished recording our second album, in 2016 our bass player decided to quit the band and we found PY quite soon after and it’s been a honeymoon ever since.


Is the band on tour right now? What are the upcoming dates?

We are always on tour!!

8 Feb Infinity Music Hall Norfolk CT

9 Feb FLX Live Geneva NY

10 Feb Rockwood Music Hall NY, NY

12 Feb Preservation Pub Knoxville, TN

15-19 Feb Legends of Rock Cruise- SOLD OUT

21 Feb The Vista Room Atlanta GA

22 Feb 524 Studios Baton Rouge Rouge LA

23 Feb Dan ELECTRO’s Houston TX

24 Feb The Curtain Club Dallas TX

25 Feb Fitzgerald’s Bar SAN Antonio TX

28 Feb Your mom’s House Denver CO

3 Mar Boxcar Cafe Santa Fe NM

9 Mar Arcadia Blues Club Arcadia CA

10 Mar The Pour House Paso Robles CA

15 Mar Sam Bond’s Garage Eugene OR

16 Mar The Space concert Club Salem OR

22 Mar El Corazon Funhouse Seattle WA

23 Mar Volcanic Theater Pub Bend OR

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