Tri-State Review

Interview with Nancy Dagata

Today we turn the cameras on Nancy Dagata a concert photographer.

Q.) Did you always wanted to be a photographer?

Not really, but I got the bug through a friend. I wish I picked up a professional lens sooner.

Q) When did dawn on you to take concert photography?

several years ago I took my point and shoot to a show and got the bug trying to capture that “one shot”


Q.) Time for some tech questions – What camera brand do you use?

I use only Canon

Q.) Do you only use one lens, if not, which do you go from and why?

I use various lenses – depends what and where I’m shooting from

Q.) What settings do you shoot in?

I shoot in manual 99.9 % of the time


Q.) Is this a full time job?

this is like my second full time job

Q.) Have your images been published?

I’ve had several images published


Q.) Which artists has been the best to shoot?

I find every artist to photograph fun as each one is different

Q) Would you like to go on tour and shoot?

going on a tour would be fun


Q.) Another tech time – do you shoot RAW?

I do not shoot raw

Q.) You tend to upload images seconds after a show, how do you accomplish that?

I have Wi-Fi on my camera, quick edit in my phone or iPad The it’s up


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