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Dan Davidson Releases Comedic Official Music Video for Newest Single “Barn Burner”

November 16, 2016 – St. Albert, Alberta, Canada – Dan Davidson has released the highly entertaining Official Music Video for his newest single, “Barn Burner.” Filmed in downtown Tokyo, and directed by Travis Nesbitt (Design By Komputer) with Assistant Director Russ Dawson, “Barn Burner” follows a distinctively Western dressed Davidson contrasting with the Japanese street culture surrounding him.


With the release of his latest song ‘Barn Burner’ on October 25th, and the video launch today, there’s no doubt in our mind that the name ‘Dan Davidson’ will be on the lips of every Country music lover internationally. This is a song that is just as highly contagious as ‘Found’. Co-written with The Road Hammers’ Clayton Bellamy, the lyrics talk about the great ‘Small Town’ hoedown – a group of friends looking for a good time and that’s just where the song takes you. The beat is pure Canadian Country at it’s best: catchy, quick, and fun. Davidson’s vocals have always been iconic: there’s no mistaking them as soon as you have become introduced to his music. After hearing ‘Barn Burner’ for the first time, I found myself playing it again, then once more, and once more after that (maybe even once more for good measure!). If you are anything like me, and have an appreciation for exceptional music, you’ll find yourself downloading Davidson’s tunes before even listening to them: they’re that good! – Starlight Music Chronicles


The song really came at me from out of nowhere (as some of the best ones seem to do). I was at the park with my baby girls and just started singing that first line of the chorus in my head. The line was inspired by watching my pal Brett Kissel play a show and he said something to the crowd to the effect of “This next tune is a real barn burner!”… and something about that expression stuck with me. I started thinking about all the fun times you have growing up trying to find bush parties (especially if you grew up in a small town) and really living in those carefree moments for as long as I could. When I was in high school smart phones weren’t a thing (I’m old.) so we would all hang around the skatepark, the convenience store, or one of the local hangouts until we’d run into someone who “knew where the party was”. Then we’d all jump in a car and inevitably head out to someones acreage or some bush party somewhere. I think everyone remembers how awesome those days were, and so Clayton and I just want to capture that a bit with the writing. – Dan Davidson

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