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Dan Davidson


Dan Davidson releases a heartwarming music video for #1 Selling Canadian Country Music Single “Found” On A $500 Budget.

September 21, 2016 – St. Albert, Alberta, Canada – Dan Davidson has released a music video for his #1 selling Canadian Country Music single “Found”. The video, which was filmed by director Travis Nesbitt in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for only $500 cracked the Top 20 on CMT! The song which was produced by Jeff Dalziel hit #16 on the BDSRadio Chart and #17 on the Mediabase Chart.

The song also has over 313,000 Spotify streams and counting as well as 11,600 Mediabase monitored spins in large, medium, and small markets across Canada.

Dan – I always knew “Found” was a strong song, but I had NO IDEA it would do what it did for my career. It gave me a renewed faith that a great song CAN do some of the heavy lifting. I never could have dreamed that I would have the #1 selling Canadian country single, the #1 tested song in most major markets, a video in the CMT Top 20 countdown, a top 15 iTunes single, and a song that cracked the top 20. This just doesn’t happen to indie artists, what a great year, I could not be more thankful!


The “Found” video was sort of a hilarious experiment. I wanted to do something that no one was doing. We pulled together the tiniest of indie budgets, rented some mascot costumes and the rest is history! When I started seeing it on TV, I had a moment where I thought “Im a grown man, dressed as a moose for a living.”. Am I doing this grown up thing right?

Found” in my mind, is a modern day “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”. It’s a fun drunken proposal song that I think everyone can relate to. There is no better feeling than to fall in love and to start seeing a brighter future. – Dan Davidson

Keep an eye out for this Raising Country Star and catch him live when he’s in your town.

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