Tri-State Review

New Haven Solidarity with Indigenous Defenders in North Dakota

On Wednesday, September 7th people from all over Connecticut gathered in New Haven to show solidarity and to protest the funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline #DAPL.  The peaceful protest began at 4pm with the group gathering across the street from TD Bank who alone with many other major banks funds the pipeline.


Over 90 Indigenous nations and non-Native have gathered in camps near Canon Ball, North Dakota to protest the installation of the pipeline which risk contaminating drinking water and threatens sacred cultural tribal land.


The New Haven gathering took place through the rain with protesters chanting Water is Life as they marched in front of TD Bank on the corner of College Street.


Although the police were called twice the protest continued and ended as peacefully as it began.  Along with the chanting there were speakers from Yale along with tribal leaders from local tribes.



We at Tri-State Review stand with Standing Rock and understand the importance of keeping our water clean.  We wish them much luck and will continue to cover supportive events throughout the Tri-State area.


To read more about Standing Rock visit


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