Tri-State Review

Prophets of Rage – Mohegan Sun Arena


Make America Rage Again!

Don’t know where to being, everyone knows who Prophets of Rage are… they are made up of three extremely influential groups. “Rage Against the Machine” (Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Will, without Zack de la Rocha) B-Real of “Cypress Hill” and the one and only Chuck D of “Public Enemy”.


Yes, this is yet another super group but, this one is REALLY GOOD. Rounding up this band is DJ LORD who adds and amazing element to the group. We caught the band when they were at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The place was packed it wasn’t a surprise knowing how this band wasn’t just some side project to kill time and make some money.


The arena lights go down, the crowd goes nuts and the band walks out to the front of the stage – they all stand tall with their right arm up in the air. Prophets of Rage is not some flash in the pan they are here to make a stand.


There has been and will always be only a few that are capable of carrying the Flag of Change. The 60’s gave us Bob Dylan and now we have “Prophets of Rage” – Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, Chuck D, B-Real, and DJ Lord. I usually don’t post a set list, for many reasons but do to the list’s extensive catalog I felt it necessary to do.



“Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy)

“Guerrilla Radio” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Bombtrack” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Mi Uzi Weighs a Ton” (Public Enemy)

“People of the Sun” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Take the Power Back” (Rage Against the Machine)

“(Rock) Superstar” (Cypress Hill)

“Testify” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Hand on the Pump” / “Can’t Truss It” / “Insane in the Brain” / “Bring the Noise” / “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That” / “Welcome to the Terrordome”

“Sleep Now in the Fire” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Cochise” / “She Watch Channel Zero?!” (Audioslave / Public Enemy)

“The Ghost of Tom Joad” (Bruce Springsteen)

“Bullet in the Head” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Shut ‘Em Down” (Public Enemy)

“Know Your Enemy” (Rage Against the Machine)

“The Party’s Over”

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn” / “Fight the Power” (Beastie Boys / Public Enemy s)

“Bulls on Parade” (Rage Against the Machine)

“Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine)


When the band invades your town, go down and stand up!


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