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Upcoming Event: The Massachusetts Tattoo Convention

Our team will be heading out to the Massachusetts Tattoo Convention in Worcester, MA being held September 2nd through September 5th.

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Tattoos are Art – The Massachusetts Tattoo Convention

For the 1st time in 20 years, Worcester will be home to the Massachusetts Tattoo Convention, a 4 day weekend of tattoo art, performance, live painting, bands and more.

The event’s producer, Natan Alexander, opened one of the first tattoo shops in Boston when tattooing became legal in Massachusetts in 2001 and has been producing the Boston Tattoo Convention for the past 15 years. He has seen explosive growth in the industry and says that what is exciting is that not only are there more people getting tattoos, but the tattoos have truly become an art form.

“15 years ago I was running a street shop in Roxbury, MA. Most customers were walk-ins; they came and picked out some flash and that was that. These days collectors are more savvy. They’ve seen a high level of artistry in tattoos online or in magazines and they want that same level of quality. The convention helps connect artists with people who are looking for their one-of-a-kind work, whether it be traditional, new school or some other style.”

Alexander says that the fact that tattooing has evolved to fine art quality makes the convention a perfect place to see a ton of talent all in one place. “Each day there are a few hundred artists all making a permanent piece of art for someone to wear. The air is buzzing – I mean literally – with the sound of all the machines and the energy of people excited to get their tattoo. And everywhere you look there is something fresh, beautiful, creative being made, bodies being transformed and people making connections.”

But the convention is not just a place for tattoos. Each day there is a full line-up of performers and events. This years events will include an alternative and goth fashion show, live bands, burlesque dancers and circus arts performers.

With so much going on and so many artists to choose from, how can you make the most of this or any other tattoo convention you may attend? Here was Natan’s advice:

“If you are looking to get work done, pregame it. Get on the convention website and look at all the artists attending. Contact them and set something up ahead of time. Don’t go it alone. Bring your friends and get tattooed together – it will make it the event of your year!”

“If you don’t plan on getting tattooed, go any way. Use it as a time to research and meet artists as well as get your hands on great art and products from the unique vendors. The convention brings together an amazing community of people, we want you to be part of that.”

The 1st annual Massachusetts Tattoo Convention is held this year at the Worcester DCU Center, September 2nd-5th. For tickets and other information go to or like their Facebook page

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