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17th Century Encampment at the Pequot Museum

This weekend we headed over to the Pequot Museum for their 17th Century Encampment.  reenactors where present representing both the European settlers and the Native American’s.


For 3 days the Pequot Museum garden was turned into an encampment with tents, fires, and crafter’s educating visitors on their crafts and life during the 17th century.  There was even some cooking taking place during the event.


The event was free with entry into the Museum. It was a great event with both young and old visitors and reenactors.  After walking through the museum exhibits we headed to the garden and entered another world.  As you wandered the garden you came to various tents and setups with someone recreating what life would have been like while educating you on the crafts and lifestyle of the time period.  Everything from Looming and Pottery to how to load a gun and and more.


Although we thought it was a great the event and very educational, I wished personally that there would have been a bigger Native American presence in the encampment.


In the end the event was a great success with lot of conversations taking place we event spent a huge amount of time speaking to some reenactors about how many today are moving towards a self sufficient life.


If you want to learn about life during the 17th century or the history and life of Native American Indians then make sure to check out the Museums website for more upcoming educational events.


It’s a great way to learn about the history of America.  For more information and upcoming events visit .

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