Tri-State Review

Cirque Du Soleil OVO

A story about a boy, his egg and falling in love amidst a sea of well… bugs.  Cirque Du Soliel OVO is one of the most amazing performances I’ve seen to date.  Taking place in a world that exists just under our foot the world of bugs.


This show not only has amazing acrobatics, it also takes you into a world full of life, color and a story full of love. Honestly, I have never experienced anything like Cirque Du Soliel the vibrant colors the amazing performances and the beautiful music.  It contained all the elements that draw in the young and old alike.


This is definitely not your traditional circus there are no elephants or lions to see but trust me you won’t miss them.  The story starts with a stranger arriving at what you can say is most likely someone’s garden.  He carries with him a strange item which creates intrigue and even envy among the inhabitants.  This gets all of the bugs scurrying around in different acrobatic shows from the tightrope to a one of the most beautiful aerial acts I’ve seen when the butterflies take flight.


This is one of those shows that is almost difficult to describe their was so much going on and you became so caught up in the act that you’d barely realized the behind the scene raising and lowering of the backdrops happening right before your eyes.  What I can say about Cirque Du Soleil OVO is go and see it you will not be disappointed.


Cirque DU Soleil OVO will be at the Webster Bank Arena until June 12, 2016 for tickets visit


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