Tri-State Review

IFAM(E) 2016

IFAM(E) or the Indigenous Fine Art Market (East) 2106 is a market of beautifully handcrafted items created by Native American Artisans who together with performers from over 50 tribal nations where representing.  This year IFAM(E) partnered with the Mashantucket Pequot Museum to bring these talented artist to Connecticut during a 3 day event that not only included entertainment but also traditional Native American Foods.


We were there and had an opportunity to speak with artisans, listen to amazing songs, and stories and watch a great fashion show that took place with close to if not over 100 participants showing clothing and jewelry created by the craftsman that were in attendance.



This opportunity was also a great time for the Pequot Museum to showcase their new menu of tradition foods which included 2 variations of fry bread, Indian tacos and even frog legs.  We had the Stuffies which where stuff breaded clams and delicious you could tell the new Chef Sherry Pocknett prides herself not only in the taste of food but also the presentation as witness by the dish she served me.


This was also a great family event with a children’s art work station and story telling by professional story teller Tchin.


The high quality crafts represented at the event where top notch and you can find everything from contemporary crafts to more traditional items.


This was definitely an event worth attending and we look forward to participating in nexts year IFAM(E).

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For more information on IFAM(E) visit

For more information on the Pequot Museum and Research Center and upcoming events visit

To see more photos of the event visit

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