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The Misfits Reunite

So, the news of the Misfits reuniting didn’t break the Internet but…

Yes, Glenn and Jerry seem to have buried the hatched and not into each other.  We (my brother and I) interviewed the Misfits back in the 90’s.  The lineup then was Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Chud (on drums) and Michael Graves on vocals.  They were killer and incredibly nice. I met the boys a few years before when they were at a Kiss convention.


Jerry was always a fan of the work that my brother and I did regarding concert photography and video production.  He even wanted to take our coworker as his personal body guard.

Glenn Danzig is in the same category as Ted Nugent, which is, he’s almost know more for the things he’s done off stage then on.

Unfortunately, everyone in the industry knows what to expect which is NO PHOTOS of the concert. I personally, understand the NO PHOTOS. Many photographers are too much and love to post pictures that aren’t the most flattering.  That is what I’ve been told that separates me from the others.


I’m not going to hold my breath on covering this AWESOME reunion but, Never Say. The Misfits got their name from the final film Marilyn Monroe made before her death in 1962. They later wrote a tribute to her “Who Killed Marilyn?” which has some choice theories about the starlet’s untimely death.


Every guy in the “classic” Misfits lineup, which for us includes Glenn Danzig (lead vox, random violence), Jerry Only (bass, “1-2-3-4″ count-offs), Doyle (lead guitar) and Robo (drums), was going by an assumed name.

Glenn Danzig’s real name is Glenn Allen Anzalone, the name his MOTHER gave him. Jerry Only and Doyle are actually blood brothers and share the same last name Caiafa. Doyle is also a stage name; his real first name is the much-less-interesting Paul. We’re glad Robo went with a stage name. The Colombian-American drummer’s real name is a mouthful: Julio Roberto Valverde Valencia.


The ‘Legacy of Brutality’ album is a sore point for the band

The reason for the bad blood is basically that Glenn Danzig went back and re-dubbed a lot of Jerry Only’s bass parts, as well as quite a bit of the guitars. But if you’ve listened to the album a billion times like we have, you really can’t hear any noticeable differences. It captures the greatness that is the Misfits and should be honored as such.

I really hope that will have the chance to cover this once in a lifetime reunion of this amazing and influential band.

Glenn is a very disciplined person, the band would practice for hours, then go to work out for another four hours. Glenn would also make the bands posters in his parent’s basement.

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