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Mecha Noodle Bar – Fairfield, CT

Looking for a place to  have some comfort food?  Well look no further we found this little jem called Mecha Noodle Bar.  Mecha means mom and pop in Vietnamese.  13059649_1173902935977849_548219062_n

The bar has a fairly small menu consisting of steamed baos, snacks, classic plates, and a selection of Ramen and Pho soups.


We ordered the Vegetarian Ramen and the Pho Ga and received 2 fishbowl sized servings.  Both soups where light and delicious I can easily have this on a daily basis or during the winter months.  The noodles where accompanied with a bowl of bean sprouts, fresh mint and lime.


Asking for your check?  Don’t be surprised when you get a small tattered notebook with your check tucked inside.   You’re encouraged to leave a note for them inside and of course we did.


So here are the Pros

The soup was delicious the Thai Tea was delicious.  The meal was tasty and fresh and light and it’s something all of us at the table would have again.  The staff was pleasant and cheerful.

Here are the Cons 

The space is rather small.  When side tables aren’t available everyone is seated together in a picnic style table in the center of the room, not pleasant if you have anxieties.  The music was way to loud and although we like Lady Gaga it was on loop. The wait staff were friendly but we found them to be inattentive when it came to getting our checks and I had to flag down our server.

Bottom line:  I would not eat there again although I would order take out in a heart beat.  My co-eater states that she would eat there again loved the food and the vibe but she’s only 20 and likes the hippier things in life, she did however, agree that the music was way to loud.

If you want to try Mecha Noodle Bar you can check out their website here

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