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Johnny Mathis at the Count Basie Theatre

Our team headed out this weekend to see the one and only Johnny Mathis at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ.


Johnny Mathis the man the legend he hasn’t lost a beat and is still silky smooth.

The fourth of seven children, John Royce Mathis was born on September 30, 1935 in Gilmer, Texas to Clem and Mildred Mathis. His father taught him his first song, “My Blue Heaven”. At age eight, his father purchased an old upright piano for $25. When he brought it home, it wouldn’t fit through the front door. So that evening, Johnny stayed up all night to watch his father dismantle the piano, get it into the small living room of their basement apartment and then reassemble it. Clem Mathis, who worked briefly as a musician back in Texas playing the piano and singing on stage, would continue to teach his son many songs and routines.


In early 1956, Johnny was asked to attend the trials for the 1956 Olympic teams that would travel to Melbourne, Australia that summer. At the same time, Columbia Records requested that Johnny come to New York to start arrangements for his first recording session. Clem helped his son decide that his future and best interests were with the recording company. So, Johnny gave up his chance to become a member of the USA Olympic Team. He went to New York to record his first album in March of 1956.

It’s been close to 60 years and Johnny Mathis is one of the best singers of all time. Over the years he’s done collaborations but, I’m waiting for Lady GaGa to work with him or maybe Marc Anthony.

The show was amazing from the singing to the interaction with the audience. One of the many great things about this man is his Attitude – which is Gratitude. Mr. Mathis thanked everyone for coming out and supporting him.


For those that are concerned  that you might see and hearing a sad attempt to hold on to a past a long lost glory YOU WILL BE KNOCKED ON YOUR ASS!  Johnny Mathis is as strong as he has ever been, trust me you will get CHILLS.

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  1. I love the legend, he is amazingly still in demand, more so now that he is at this age. I watched his concert last year here in Washington State, he is still the same Johnny Mathis that I love 60 years ago. I will see him again in California, this year.

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