Tri-State Review

Lisa Lampanelli – Foxwoods

Lisa Lampanelli – Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean.


Tri-State Review was at Foxwoods Resort and Casino to cover one of the most creative and unique comedians of today. As we all know, Ms. Lampanelli has lost a lot of weight, over a hundred pounds and she doesn’t hide that it was through surgery. She lost weight but she didn’t lose her wit and sting.


I was concern that she was going to be doing old material or just the same joke theme but, she didn’t!

One of the many things I like about her and her stand up is: she is an “Equal Opportunity Offender”. No one is safe or off limits, everyone gets it. She’s the Don Rickles without the pickle. Ms. Lampanelli ran through jokes, picking on the crowd and disclosing behind the scenes action during her tenure as one of Donald Trump’s Apprentices.


Of course, I can’t go into details about her act but, her descriptions and reenactments of her interactions with Lou Ferrigno were hilarious. Another highlight was her story on hitting rock bottom during a three day appearance at a comedy event. Once again, can’t get into details but, it had to do with opening for a comedian that works with an old …. umm, male appendage as a hand puppet. She ends the weekend disaster with a drunken phone called to her then boyfriend.

Lisa Lampaneilli isn’t for everyone and that’s ok


She mentioned that she loves preforming at Foxwoods, I can see why. The place is fanatic, ever seat is a great seat and the staff is amazing but, that’s not why Lisa likes playing there. Well, it’s that as well as the fact that she’s from CT.  She was born and raised in Trumble she even had one of her high school teachers at this performance.

Lisa Lampanelli is still on top of her game.


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