Tri-State Review

New Jersey Comic Expo 2015

This weekend our team headed over to the New Jersey Comic Expo which was held at the New Jersey Expo Center in  Edison, NJ.


I’m a stickler when it comes to crowds, lines and aisles that are difficult if not impossible to maneuver through.  The New Jersey Comic Expo had a nice big crowd but you’d never know it walking around.  The expo seemed so well organized that the aisle and flow of people simply complimented each other so getting around to your favorite artist/celebrity or vendor was pretty easy.


The costumes were fantastic always amazing me at the amount of time, effort and creativity  everyone takes in making their attire.  Everyone from the young to old was participating.


We had a great time and as our stomach started to rumble with the need for some food we were pleasantly surprised.  The concession stand unlike ones we’ve hit at other events was surprisingly affordable and they had empanadas and even a candy/popcorn/cotton candy stand where the bag of cotton candy didn’t cost $10 a bag.

So here’s a little video clip in case you missed the event.

Our final thoughts: The event was definitely worth the drive over which by the way was pretty easy compared to our last few travel’s into Jersey.  The attendees, staff, vendors and artist/celebrities were amazing, engaging and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


If you’re looking for more information on the expo visit The New Jersey Comic Expo at


To view more photos of the event visit Robert Velasco Photography

Marisol AKA The Unwino – Guest Contributor

Photos by Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer




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