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Abandoned Places – Seaside Sanitarium

Connecticut has tons of abandoned locations mainly former mental health facilities that began closing in the early 1990’s due to lack of care and abuse within the walls.


One of these locations that still stands today is Seaside Sanitarium located in Waterford, Connecticut.  A beautiful beach front property that has stood empty and abandoned since 1996.


Built in the early 1930s as a hospital for  children with tuberculosis the property designed by Cass Gilbert stood as a state of the art facility for decades. In the late 1950s the hospital closed turned out that fresh air lined with sea water was not a cure for TB.  After closing it’s doors as a TB hospital it was later converted into a Mental health facility which closed around 1996 along with just about every facility like it in Connecticut.  It became the Seaside Regional Center for Mentally Retarded in 1961


Many such hospitals closed their doors in the 1990s among allegations of abuse and neglect of patients. Seaside was among those facilities that closed their doors. The property has since stood abandoned and left to vandalism and the elements.


As we wandered around the property which is open to the public we found only 4 standing buildings spread out within the park overlooking the most beautiful view of the sound.


There has been talk of  the property becoming an official state park and at one point possibly a condo complex but for now the buildings stand as stoic reminder of Connecticut’s medical history.

Seaside has been the subject of many paranormal researcher’s quest to find ghost.  While walking the property we didn’t see any ghost or ghouls just everyday people walking their pets, children or fishing.


One should also take note that the two main buildings are secured and closed off to the public, however we do recommend taking a visit and walking the grounds. The view is amazing the buildings are beautiful even though they stand abandoned and closed off you can still imagine children playing in and around the area.

Seaside is located in Waterford, Connecticut.

Marisol AKA The Unwino – Guest Contributor


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