Tri-State Review

Hartford Comic Con 2015 – Hartford, CT

On September 19th the Tri-State team headed to Hartford for this years Hartford Comic Con.  The second year for this event and it was another success. With stars such as Eric Roberts, Ernie Hudson and Bonnie Piesse and many guest artist and cosplayers in attendance the event drew a nice crowd.


Although the vibe seemed a bit quieter than last year there were tons of amazing costumes and everyone was having a good time.  The costumes were beyond creative and everyone from artist, attendees and guest were more than happy to talk to us and pose for photos.


The event seemed well organized and you could easily maneuver through the isles although they didn’t have programs this year which made a few people grumble and the food was over priced.  The staff however where accommodating, helpful and seemed to be also enjoying the days activities.


It was great to see families getting together to and creating great costumes and recognizing the different characters that were present.


Congrats to the Hartford Comic Con for another successful year! Don’t miss next years events visit for more information.

United Ink hold a number of events throughout the year all of these shows help raise funds for various organizations to learn more about United Ink and upcoming events visit

To view more photos of the event visit Robert Velasco Photography

Marisol AKA The Unwino – Guest Contributor

Photos by Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer

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