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Carlos Santana – Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino

Carlos Santana – the man, the myth, the legend!11891439_907914542623798_2638837475420860313_o

Tri-State Review headed over to Mohegan Sun, located in Uncasville, Connecticut. While I was getting ready to head over I was asked.


“Who are you going to cover”?

And for some reason I responded the same way twice and got two different, yet the same reaction.

I said – “You know who Carlos Santana is right”?

People my age said . . . “Oye Como Va” (that was their answer) and when i asked my daughter she said . . . “Yeah, Maria Maria”.

I’m not going to do a “Behind the Music” here but, I will skim a rock over the man’s career.


Folklore was told of a strong musical soul that would one day rise to provide a classic blend of sounds that would touch the masses. In the year 1947 – the 20th of July Carlos Santana was born in Autlan de Navarro, Mexico.

He’s a son of an accomplished Mariachi violinist. Carlos is a violin prodigy and preformed with his father’s band. By the sixties the Santana family had found themselves in San Francisco – Santana was formed in 1966.


Santana is well known for many songs and made an incredible come back in the 90’s with an album that featured collaborations with Rob Thomas, Lauryn Hill and others. At the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards on February 23, 2000 – he won in nine categories.

Carlos said in an interview back then that – “It’s a personal invitation from me to people: remember your divinity”.

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Photos by Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer

For more photos visit Robert Velasco Photography

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