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Culture Club – Foxwoods Resort and Casino

On Friday we took a what should have been 1-1/2 hour drive but actually turned out to be a 4 hour drive to Foxwoods Resort and Casino to see none other the Boy George and Culture Club.  11794623_898223260259593_3536459064007503273_o

Friday traffic was incredibly insane we left at 3:30pm and arrive to Foxwoods at 7:30pm literally running through the casino to make it over to the Grand Theater because I did not want to keep Boy George waiting.  As you can probably tell by now I’m a huge fan of Culture Club and was excited about heading over to see them and as always heading over to Foxwoods for some outlet shopping and Fay Da Bakery treats, I’m a big fan of outlet shopping and bakeries too.

11063734_898223210259598_7065939046764433068_nI don’t handle concerts well but I was determined to see them and I was not in any way shape or form disappointed by any part of the show.  After our run though the casino to get to the theater we arrived to be told that the band was delayed also stuck in the horrible traffic and part of me started to panic that I somehow wouldn’t be able to cross seeing Culture Club off my bucket list.  But they did not disappoint and arrived and were on stage by 9pm. 11802612_898223426926243_6781546608806172222_o

The concert far exceeded my expectations the band was fantastic and played the popular songs right off the bat not making us wait for mid to end concert for the good ones. George was amazing, he looked amazing, he sounded amazing, and he was engaging, funny, and well just amazing.  At one point someone reached out to grab a hold of him, because yes everyone rushed the stage, and the way he handled the situation was fantastic politely telling the woman not to touch him yet because he needed to warm up first.


Roy Hay, Mikey Craig, and Joh Moss were incredible and they all looked great.  In some way I was almost transported back to the 80s and my 11-year-old self filled with excitement and awe when they all walked on stage.

All in all my dreams came true and I was able to cross of seeing culture club from my bucket list.  As you guys have probably noticed I don’t typically write the reviews for concerts here on Tri-State but I would have beaten down anyone who tried to review my favorite band.  Needless to say I can die happy now.

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Marisol AKA The Unwino – Guest Contributor

Photos by Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer

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