Tri-State Review

Garden State Comic Fest – New Jersey

This weekend we headed to the Garden State Comic Fest.  This was our first Jersey Con and and we found yet another great group of diverse cosplayers, attendees and the organizers did a great job.


Some people comment that they sometimes don’t feel safe at these events however police and staff presence where not lacking at Garden State Comic Fest.  The Fest felt like a big reunion with everyone having a great time.


Although the guest list did not include many famous names it did  included Arlen Schumer, Ming Chen, and even K.I.T.T from Knight Rider along with a number of well known cosplay guest.  The costumes where amazing the crowd were enjoying themselves and we are glad we actually made it to the Fest.


Traveling to the fest was another story we were sent on and off highways, into suburban areas and even ended up having to cross over the GWB which we avoid like the plague, google map did not make the trip easy.  Travel aside we really enjoyed the event and look forward to attending Garden State Comic Fest 2016.

11694121_894724497276136_3847721073834530042_nFor more information on the Garden State Comic Fest visit

To see more photos from the Fest visit Robert Velasco Photography

~Robert Velasco, Staff Photographer

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