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Connecticon 2015 – Hartford Convention Center

This weekend we headed to Connecticon 2015.  It was our first time attending this con and it was fantastic.


We’ve attended tons of cons in our travel’s and at each con there are the pros and cons (no pun intended). However, one of the most impressive aspect of this con was the organizers and staff.   It has ranked among one of the best organized events we’ve attended to date.

So let’s break it down:

The con attendees were great, the costumes amazing and the atmosphere was one of fun and camaraderie. Everyone seemed more than happy to have their photos taken and were having a great time.  The vendor selection was great.  I came across a lot of items I hadn’t seen at any other con and the prices were pretty decent.  They had a lot of blind box collectibles,Japanese snacks and even costumes and costuming materials on hand for sale.


Their featured guest included George Takei, Janet Varney, Maurice LaMarche, Nichelle Nichols, Deep Roy and many more.

Again it one of the most impressive aspect of this con was the organizers and staff. Although there was a bit of a rumble about the security guards being rude we didn’t experience that and as a result felt the staff was informative, helpful and very organized.


The aisle were wide so you weren’t pushing up on other con goers and even though the place was packet and everything seems to be running smoothly. There were no lines, no back up of crowds and even the concession stand was going at a nice clip.


The gaming room was also well organized.  There were plenty of places to crash if you where tired and just sit for a moment and throughout the entire event we didn’t feel like we had to search for staff if we needed help.  Volunteers and staff members where available just around every corner.


And then there was this, which I’ve personally voted my favorite photo from Connecticon 2015.  If you want to attend next years con and keep up to date with more visit

If you’d like to see the full gallery of Connecticon 2015 photos visit Robert Velasco Photography.

Until our next con Live Long and Prosper.

~Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer/Contributor

~Marisol Velasco AKA The Unwino 


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