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Sworn Enemy

It’s Friday, May 1, 2015 and has traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to interview the band “Sworn Enemy”.


I have to admit, I haven’t been at a Hardcore / Thrash show since 1996 when I interviewed and photographed the band Testament in NYC. Growing up on Metallica, Anthrax and bands like Slayer was amazing. When the combination of bands like Cro Mags and GBH was intermixed, well damn – it was a real Mecca of music.

Tonight’s performance was being held at an old firehouse, the now club is called “Firehouse 13”. SWORNENEMY 6

The opening bands were Struggle, Hammer Fight, Dark Sermon, Wretched. I have to say, they all kicked A$$, I mean, all the bands were tight and on point. The musicianship was top notch and the singers seem to call upon the great G.G. Allen and Phil Anselmo.

Then came time for the headliners “Sworn Enemy” – they blew up the stage

When, Sal LoCoco-(Vocals), Jeff Cummings-(Guitar), Matt Garzilli-(Guitar), Mike Puc-(Bass) and Taykwuan Jackson-(Drums) started the first song, you knew it was New York Hardcore at its BEST!


“Sworn Enemy” was established in 2000 with the release of “Negative Outlook” on Jamey Jasta’s Stillborn Records. The record was a mix of old school hardcore punk and new school breakdowns. 2002 marked their next release, “Integrity Defines Strength”. In 2003 a release deal with Elektra Records was signed with the result being the break through record “As Real as It Gets”

In early 2005, the LP “The Beginning of the End” was released on Abacus Records, (Century Media) the new record expanded on the thrash influenced direction the band had been moving toward. 2008 marked the band releasing new music once again with the disc entitled “Maniacal.” The disc featured some of the fastest & heaviest material to date. Tracks “Ignorance” and “Destroyer” quickly became staples of the bands live set.


In 2009, “Total World Domination” was released through Century Media Records.

When I asked them, “What keeps the band going”?

A -The love of the music keeps us going, the fire inside of us.

A -Our music is not political, it’s more of having fun. We know that people want to go out and have a great time let off some steam and after everything is said and done, we all go back to 9 to 5 jobs.

I asked the band, “These days everything is online, do you guy embrace it”?

A -Yea, we have too, we have the Facebook and that @#$% but… today people lose a lot. Back in the day we grew up hanging out at the club Lamours in Brooklyn. We’ve seen Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus everyone there. It was an event and if you missed it, then you missed it. There was no, hey man, I’ll check it out later on YouTube. That was the beauty back then, you had to be up on the cool @#$% that was going on.

It’s a false experience when you see a band online, that’s the sad part, get up and go out and see some band tear it up on stage. Seeing a concert on a computer is not the same as seeing them live.


“Is NYC the birth place of Hardcore”?

A – DC, Minor threat, Michigan, who really knows but NYC is a focal point where everyone comes through to do their best.

“What’s the new album called”

A – “On borrowed time” why, well we are all on borrowed time, we can be here today and gone tomorrow.

“Is there a music video from this Album”?

A – Yes for the song called “No Mercy” – the song and video is based on the unrest that is and has been going on for years. It’s not pro-cop and it’s not anti-cop it’s just a relation on all that is going on.


That was all the time we had with the band but, before I left I asked if there would be new music soon and they said “Yes”. They will have new music out by next year . . . Stay Tuned”.

Visit Sworn Enemy on Facebook

~Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer/Contributor

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