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That Metal Show



Photo Credit Colin Douglas Gray


VH1 has turned into the station of all things music. We all know that MTV has drop the ball and is now ALL REALITY all the time!


Photo Credit Colin Douglas Gray


We were at the taping of “That Metal Show” with guest Kerry King of Slayer and musical guitarists Zakk Wylde. The show is hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. Nov 8, 2008 was the very fist show and they are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

As a metal-head, I find myself watching the show more out of support. I like the fact that they refer to the show as “the home to all things hard rock and heavy metal”. The show is well formatted, they feature heroes of the past along with current musical acts.

One of the popular segments on the show is called  “Stump the Trunk”. Where audience members ask Eddie Trunk a music based question to test knowledge of the industry.


Photo Credit Colin Douglas Gray

“The Throwdown” is another segment were they discuss which one of two (albums, bands, etc) was better. They put up 2 minutes on the clock and first ask the guest which they prefer then ask the audience, which they think is the better of the two.

So, they didn’t pick my question for Stump the Trunk, oh well and it was a good one. Zakk Wylde was killer and gave out some of his skull hats and guitar picks. He was a card as usual, telling killer stories about hanging out with Kerry King.


Photo Credit Colin Douglas Gray


Lzzy Hale, from the band  Halestorm was also on the show and was a delight. I don’t know much about her or the band but, I will look into her music.

Slayer has finish their first album with out Jeff Hanneman. As everyone knows, Gary Holt is in the band now and plays on the new album. Kerry also tells us that they recorded a few songs for the follow-up to the new release. Kerry touched briefly upon the departure of Dave Lombardo, saying it was news to him but, Slayer is always looking to move forward regardless.

That Metal Show airs on Saturday 9/8c.

 ~Robert Velasco – Staff Photographer/Contributor

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