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Jersey Mike’s s Subs Fairfield, CT

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a little Sub shop located at 2189 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT.


So what can I say about Jersey Mike’s?  It’s definitely not Subway and I am by no means a fan of subway sandwiches.  Jersey Mike’s has cold subs available in Mini, Regular or Giant and ranging in price from $5.25 to $14.25 which is a bit pricey for a Sub in my opinion.  They also have Hot Subs mainly cheese Steaks and Chicken Cheese Steaks slathered with grilled onions, peppers and cheese, these come in Regular or Giant and range in price from $7.75 to $14.25.


We ordered 2 subs a Giant Steak and Cheese without onions and peppers which was about the size of a foot long plus a tad more and a mini American Classic which is basically ham and provolone the size of a 6 inch sub.


For the hot subs you can add grilled onions, peppers, jalapeños, mushrooms, cheese and the regular add-on like lettuce and tomatoes.


For cold subs they had your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and what they call “The Juice” which is basically red wine vinegar and olive oil. Unlike Subway the choices are very minimal when it comes to your sandwich toppings. I also found that the amount of cold cuts was rather slim also with only about 3 slices of very thin ham and 2 slices of ultra thin cheese used in the sandwich and the bread was very crusty and hard although you can tell it was fresh.

Also I find that many subways shops have a peculiar smell to them that is reminiscent of vomit which is why I am not a fan, and this shop was very clean and no smells of anything other than the steak that was being cooked. The staff was also very nice and they were quick.

So here are the pros and cons


  • Clean
  • Fresh ingredients
  • nice size subs


  • Expensive
  • Slim pickings on the meats and add-ons
  • Bread was a little to hard for my taste.

Although I found that Jersey Mike’s wasn’t a shop I’d rave about I also found that it was a pretty decent, clean place to eat at with fresh ingredients.  Make your own choice on how Jersey Mike does their subs and go have one.

~Cecilia Cardé – Staff Contributor

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