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United Ink /No Limits Tattoo Expo – Resort World Casino New York

United Ink / No Limits Tattoo Expo is one of the best tattoo expos in the tri-state area. The expo boasted everything from inks, supplies, tattoo artist and zombies to freak shows and a pin-up contest.

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Last September United Ink chose the Aviation Museum as their location which was a big hit.  This expo’s location was also a big hit located in the Resort World Casino the venue was the perfect setting for it.

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Center stage held various shows throughout the three-day event.  There was a burlesque show, Freak/Side Show and even a Pin up girl contest along with Mr. and Mrs. Ink contest.

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There was also an art gallery selling numerous art pieces donated by a number of tattoo artist in order to raise funds for a local high school’s art program.

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This event is a must attend for the tattoo enthusiast.  You’re guaranteed to have a good time, enjoy good entertainment, talented artist and a great crowd.

Look out for the next United Ink/No Limits Tattoo Expo in September.

For more visit United Ink/No Limits Tattoo Expo.

For more photos of the event visit Robert Velasco Photography

~Robert Velasco – Staff Contributor/Photographer

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