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Best Pizza – John and Maria’s – East Haven, CT

I find that some of the best places to eat are the small family run home style restaurants and when it comes to pizza things aren’t so different. Going to a homely italian restaurant is where you’ll find some of the best pizza around.

This week we went to John and Maria located at 280 Foxon Rd., in East Haven, CT.  The menu carries your typical pizza restaurant fare.  Pizza, subs, chicken, Pasta Fagioli.  We started our meal with cappuccino because well why not? I’m a coffee drinker and I’ll drink it at all hours. The cappuccino was amazing I can’t say enough about it.  Although delicious the serving was a bit small but mostly because It was so good I would have easily had another 2 cups if not more.


Then we ordered pizza and an eggplant parm.  Both were delicious, the pizza was thin but not to thin, the perfect amount of cheese the sauce was mild yet flavorful.


I really don’t have anything negative to say about this pizza place and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for some good eats and decent pricing.

20150318_145116If you want a good meal visit John and Maria’s pizza located in East Haven, Ct

To view their full menu visit

~Cecilia Carde – Assistant Editor/Staff Contributor

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