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Pizzetta – Mystic Connecticut

This Saturday a  group of our team members headed over to the Mystic, CT / Foxwoods area.  On the way up we decided to stop at Mystic Pizza for some dinner, unfortunately it was mobbed and with the piles of snow surrounding find a parking spot was impossible to my disappointment we ended up driving around and eventual found another small restaurant called Pizzetta located at 7 Water Street to eat it.

First thing which I found appealing was the way the restaurant is set up. It’s located in an old Victorian style house and when you walk in it really looks like your inside someones living.


courtesy of the world-wide web



The place as a very eclectic artsy vibe and you can see yourself coming here for a nice date.  It’s very quaint and comfortable and there were only a few sparse tables set out in the main dinning area so you where not packed in or sitting on each other which made for easy conversation. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and some fried mozzarella sticks and beer and sodas.  So far so good, then we got the fried mozzarella and it kind of went down hill from there.

unnamed (5)

The mozzarella was baked with a very thick breaded crust that was way over salted the cheese was very hard to chew and was all around unappealing only one stick was eating and I think it might have been a result of going into starvation mode.

When are pizza arrived it reminded us slightly of a combination of pepe’s pizza which I’m a fan of and Ricco’s/Colony grill which I’m not a fan of. The crust was well cooked and kind of crispy and although the pizza was thin it wasn’t wafer thin.

unnamed (1)

The sauce was clearly homemade and had a slight sour taste and chunks of tomato which basically killed it for me.

I was pretty disappointed about the foods quality although the place really is nice I was hoping for a better experience food wise and to finally find another place in the area we could dine at.

I will say though that the services was great the waitresses where nice and they deducted the mozzarella from the final bill.

Unfortunately are team wasn’t impressed but I do see the appeal in dinning at Pizzetta it’s small, artsy, great for a first date experience and everyone was very nice.

All in all I suggest you guys give them a try if you’re in the area and judge for yourself.


Pizzetta is located at 7 Water Street, Mystic Connecticut.

~Cecelia Carde’- Staff Contributor



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